Here's some background information

Scientific thinking is a life skill. It's the basis for creativity and successfully pursuing seemingly unattainable goals. The KiC exercises makes it a teachable skill that anyone can learn -- by combining a simple scientific striving pattern with practice routines called Kata -- and helps you teach meta-cognitive strategies.

KiC doesn't teach students about science, it helps you make them everyday scientists.

The way we traditionally teach science with the "scientific method" does not transfer well into normal everyday life. Practicing

the Improvement Kata pattern does, as explained in this 11-minute video  ---> 


I maintain this website as a free, not for revenue offshoot of my research on organizational behavior, which you can

read about on the Toyota Kata Website.

     - Mike Rother

Learning new skills through practice (2 min)
Memory aid for the Improvement Kata (1 min)
Why teach metacognitive skills (2 min)
Excerpt from Smithsonian Science Education Center
For the background on the Improvement Kata, read the Toyota Kata Practice Guide